Community survey reports

Every couple of years we ask you, with the help of our independent researchers, how we're tracking. Here you will find the survey reports for 2014 and 2016.

It's important that we hear from you, our community, every couple of years to make sure your happy with the current and future services and facilities that Council provides. From this independent research we can capture:

  • what the communities priorities are
  • how satisfied the community is with Council's performance and activities
  • any trends and benchmarks that are happening across the years.

What you said in 2016

In 2016, the results indicated that the community's satisfaction rating with Council is above both regional and metropolitan Council performance benchmarks.

The research also indicated that looking towards the future, residents’ concerns are centred on issues surrounding population growth including the provision of infrastructure, traffic congestion, ensuring local employment opportunities, maintaining and improving our road network, and maintaining green spaces as new developments occur.

of residents were at least ‘somewhat satisfied’ with the performance of Council.
Top 3
issues for people are population growth, infrastructure needs and traffic congestion.
of people said the idea of receiving Council news electronically was ‘somewhat appealing’.

Take a look how this differs from the 2014 report.