Maitland +10 Community Strategic Plan

Maitland +10, our ten year Community Strategic Plan, captures our community’s vision and priorities for the future

The Maitland +10 Community Strategic Plan sets a number of outcomes for the future of Maitland. At each new term of Council the plan is reviewed to make sure it is aligned with community priorities. It is prepared as a reference tool for Council, state government agencies, community groups, non-government organisations, businesses and individuals, who all have a part to play in building our ideal future. Part of the Community Strategic Plan includes the development of a range of themes which drive the actions associated with the plan. These include:

The outcomes sought by the community guide Council in the development of its Resourcing Strategy, Delivery Program and annual Operational Plan. 

At the end of its term of office Council reviews the outcomes of the Maitland +10 and reports back to the community on its achievements against that Plan in an ‘End of Term Report’.