Maitland Urban Settlement Strategy

The Maitland Urban Settlement Strategy provides the direction for future urban development in the local government area.

Maitland is experiencing rapid population growth and it is anticipated to require additional land areas to accommodate future housing and employment growth. The Maitland Urban Settlement Strategy 2001-2020 (MUSS) is Council’s plan that identifies areas for investigation for potential future urban development. This includes areas for new residential development, urban infill (eg town houses), large lot residential, open space, recreation areas and industrial and commercial development.

The Strategy considers the current and expected future population growth rate and future land requirements for urban development, taking into account constraints such as flooding, bushfire risk, access, infrastructure, environmental and prime agricultural lands.

The Strategy identifies a future sequence of development to plan for coordinated development process in line with infrastructure required (eg roads, parks and community facilities) over the short, medium and longer term.

The Maitland Urban Settlement Strategy 2001-2020 (MUSS) is reviewed every five years. An annual report is presented to Council that presents data on development in Maitland. This includes population growth statistics, an estimate of the area zoned, undeveloped land, the area of land developed and the number of dwellings provided by the development industry in that period.