Dog off leash exercise areas

Maitland has a number of parks and reserves where dogs may be exercised off their lead. Find out where they are located using the map below.

These dog exercise areas include:

  • Telarah - Verge Street
  • Raworth - Bakers Brickyard Quarry
  • Thornton - A&D Lawrence 
  • East Maitland - Alliance Street
  • East Maitland - Rathluba Lagoon
  • Lorn - The Esplanade - Riverbank
  • Gillieston Heights - Les Circuit

For full details on each location including the boundaries of the dog exercise areas please see the Off Leash Dog Exercise Area Strategy.

Important information on Off Leash Dog Exercise Areas.

If you are planning on using an off leash area, you should read the following:

  • Please ensure you pick up and dispose of your dog faeces in the disposal bins provided
  • Remember you are still required to have control over your dog in the off leash areas
  • The provisions of the off leash areas do not apply to declared 'dangerous and restricted' dogs 
  • Ensure your dog is wearing a collar and tag 
  • Please take note of the Council signs erected in the off leash areas.

Not complying with these simple rules may result in a fine being issued.