Off leash dog areas

Lady training two dogs at Bakers Brickyard park

Off leash dog area locations

Maitland has a number of parks and reserves where dogs may be exercised off leash. 

Off Leash area at Raworth


Fenced: Yes
Amenities: Taps, shelters, garbage bins, agility equipment
Location: Bakers Brickyard, Raworth

Off Leash area at Lorn


Fenced: No
Amenities: River
Location: The Esplanade, Lorn

Off Leash area at Rathluba

Rathluba Lagoon

Fenced: No
Amenities: Lagoon
Location: Lochend Circuit, East Maitland

Off Leash at Telarah


Fenced: No
Amenities: None
Location: Verge Street, Telarah

Off Leash-Thornton


Fenced: No
Amenities: Nearby at Allan and Don Lawrence Field
Location: Hillgate Drive, Thornton

Off Leash Gillieston heights area

Gillieston Heights

Fenced: No
Amenities: None
Location: Les Circuit, Gillieston Heights

Off Leash area at East Maitland

East Maitland

Fenced: No
Amenities: None
Location: Alliance Street, East Maitland

Rules for off leash dog areas

If you are planning on using an off leash area, you must:

  • Ensure you pick up and dispose of your dog's poo in the disposal bins provided
  • Remember you are still required to have control over your dog in the off leash areas
  • Ensure your dog is wearing a collar and identification tag
  • Follow the signs in the off leash areas
  • Not take restricted or dangerous dogs.

Report an issue in a dog area

If you’ve encountered a problem at an off leash dog area, let us know by reporting an issue.

View the Off Leash Dog Exercise Area Strategy
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