Lost and found animals

Highland cow

Find my missing pet

If your pet is missing, but is microchipped and registered, or wearing an identification tag, our rangers will contact you as soon as possible if they are found.

When an animal finds their way to the Maitland Animal Management Facility, we will check if it’s microchipped and registered.

What you need to do

  1. Contact our Customer Experience Team if your pet is missing. If your dog is a restricted breed or a declared dangerous dog, you must notify us within 24 hours.
  2. Log into your NSW Pet Registry account, and change the status of your pet to 'missing'.
  3. Contact local vets, or animal welfare organisations, to see if your pet has been found. You can also check your nearest ‘Lost & Found Pets’ Facebook or social media page.

Stray animals

Finding a lost dog

If you find a lost dog, we recommend taking a photo of it, uploading it to a local 'Lost & Found' Facebook page, and reporting it to our team.

You can also check to see if the animal is wearing a collar or identification tag to be able to contact the owner. If the dog is safe in your yard, our Rangers can usually pick up the dog during business hours.

If the dog does not have a tag, or the owner cannot be contacted, contact our Customer Experience Team, who will organise a Ranger to collect the dog. Alternatively, you can take the dog to the Maitland Animal Management Facility.

If the dog is injured, please get in touch with a local vet.

Finding a lost cat

It’s often difficult to know whether a cat is lost or a stray as they are allowed to roam free. 

Removing, catching or trapping a roaming cat may cause the cat distress and should only be done to prevent injury or death of another domestic animal, or person, or if the cat is in a designated wildlife protection area. If you are concerned about a roaming cat around your place, our Rangers or a vet can check the microchip if the cat is contained.

Although it is not a legal requirement to keep your cat indoors at all time, we recommend you keep your cats indoors or in a secure outdoor enclosure. Keeping your cat at home helps protect them from an increased risk of disease, injury or death.

If you have concerns about a roaming cat near you, let us know.

Roaming livestock

If there is roaming livestock near you, contact us, and our Rangers can organise to collect the animal.

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