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Search available pets for adoption

Cats and dogs that find their way into the Maitland Animal Management Facility by Council Rangers are available for adoption after a mandatory holding period if we are unable to reunite them with their owner.

Central Coast Animal Care currently run the Facility and organise the care and adoptions of pets via their page on PetRescue.

Adoption process

Adopting a pet from the Maitland Animal Management Facility is a simple process.

  1. Find an available pet
    To find a pet you like, search the website, or contact staff on 0499 900 272.
  2. Chat with the staff
    The Facility’s staff will ask more about your lifestyle to make sure the dog or cat might be suited to their new home. Most pets will have certain adoption requirements that have to be approved before meeting the animal (e.g fencing requirements, no young kids).
  3. Meet the pet
    Once you’ve chatted with the staff and had your adoption requirements approved, you’ll meet your possible new pet. If you have an existing dog in your life, you’ll be required to bring them along for a meet and greet to ensure they get along.
  4. Pay the adoption fee
    You’ll pay the adoption fee, complete the paperwork and get to take your new pet home.

Desexing programs

Sometimes throughout the year, the Maitland Animal Management will run discounted desexing programs for puppies and kittens. By having your pet desexed, you can receive cheaper registration fees.

Puppies should be desexed before they are six (6) months old, and kittens before they are four (4) months old.

Upcoming desexing programs

  • There are no upcoming scheduled programs

Benefits of desexing a pet

Across the country, there are too many unwanted pets and as a result, many cats and dogs are often left abandoned and subsequently put down. Desexing provides many benefits such as:

  • Reducing unwanted litters
  • Helping pets live longer and healthier lives
  • Reducing the possibility to wander, fight or be anti-social
  • Discounted registration fees.
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