Microchipping and registration

Pets are great companions but it is essential that dog and cat owners register and microchip their pets.

More than 150,000 dogs and cats are lost or stolen every year in NSW, so microchipping and registration is an important part of owning a pet. Better yet, it's a simple two step process.

By creating a profile on the NSW Pet Registry you will be able to:

  • update your contact details such as a change of address
  • transfer ownership of your pet
  • report your pet as missing or deceased
  • pay most lifetime registration fees online.
Step one

Cats and dogs in NSW must be microchipped by the time the animal is 12 weeks old. If your pet is not microchipped when it is purchased or comes into your care, then please contact your local vet.

Pet microchip records can only be created by a vet, an authorised microchip implanter or a council.

Once your pet is microchipped its details will be stored in the NSW Companion Animal Register and you will be issued with a certificate.

Step two

To register your pet online visit petregistry.nsw.gov.au You will need to have your driver’s licence, passport or Medicare card handy to create your Pet Registry account.

Your pet’s record must already exist before you can ‘claim’ it on the pet registry website.

Registration costs

The cost of registering your pet may vary depending on your circumstances

  • $57 for a desexed cat or dogs
  • $207 for an entire or undesexed cat or dog
  • $57 for an entire or undesexed cat or dog owned by registered breeder
  • $24 for a desexed cat or dog owned by an eligible pensioner.