Heritage and development

In recognition and protection of heritage places, the Maitland Local Environment Plan (2011) provides a list of over 200 heritage items and six conservation areas. Places of state heritage significance are also listed on the NSW State Heritage Register.

What could this mean for my development?

Legislative requirements and listings of heritage items can be found under the Maitland Local Environment Plan (2011) Schedule 5 Environmental Heritage.

The Development Control Plan (DCP) also contains detailed policy for the management of heritage items and heritage conservation areas in Maitland.

Renovating or maintaining a heritage house?

When undertaking heritage work the expertise and skills of an experienced tradesperson can be vital to a good investment. If you're not sure where to start, accessing the Heritage Trades Directory could set you on your way. Also, the Maitland Local Heritage Fund offers annual dollar for dollar grants to assist in the conservation of heritage buildings and places in Maitland.

We have also developed the Residential Colour Scheme Guidelines also provide an introduction to choosing appropriate heritage colour schemes.