People with disabilities

Maitland Council is an inclusive organisation which welcomes community input to facilitate accessibility in all areas of community life.

People with a disability play a fundamental role in the Maitland community, contributing in countless ways to its social and economic prosperity.Yet people with a disability are also one of the most discriminated and disadvantaged groups in Australian society.

According to the 2016 Census, within Maitland about 5.8% of the population or around 4,400 people have a need for assistance with core activities. This is just below the wider population percentage of 6.4% of the Hunter Region.

In 2017, Council adopted the Disability Inclusion Action Plan which outlines Council's commitment to improving opportunities for people of all ages with any disability to participate fully in community life.

If you need assistance with your disability please contact Council's Ageing and Disability Community Planner on 02 4934 9700.

Accessible playgrounds

Maitland has two accessible playgrounds.

  • Maitland Park has a Liberty Swing that is operated by a MLAK key, which can be accessed at the Maitland Council Administration Building, High Street Maitland.
  • Morpeth Common is a fenced accessible playground with a hammock swing and accessible rocking equipment.