People with disabilities

Man with guide dog on lead walking into Rutherford Library


We want to help make Maitland inclusive, accessible and welcoming for everyone in our community.

Our Community team aim to improve opportunities for people with a disability in Maitland by focusing on four key areas:

  • Developing positive community attitudes and behaviours
  • Creating liveable communities
  • Supporting access to meaningful employment
  • Improving access to mainstream services through better systems and processes.

Disability Inclusion Action Plan

Council adopted the Disability Inclusion Action Plan in 2017 to help make our community more inclusive.

View the Plan

Accessible playgrounds

Maitland has two accessible playgrounds:

Including You event tents

Council are hoping to introduce Including You event tents at our flagships events in 2023.

The tents will be a sanctuary for people who become overwhelmed by noise, smells, crowds, and other types of sensory input. Inside the tents will be tools such as fidget toys, earplugs, communication cards and weighted blankets.

For more information and to give your say, you can contact the Community team at 02 49349700 or

Disability car parking

There’s a number of Disability Parking spaces available across Maitland.

Connect with Council's Community team

If you have an initiative or enquiry regarding disability and inclusion, please contact our Community Planner - Ageing and Disability via email at