Maitland City Service Awards Program

The Maitland City Service Awards Program aims to recognise volunteers who have, through their initiative and dedication, made a positive contribution to enhancing the lives of others in Maitland City. The awards program aims to show appreciation of service, commitment, effort and achievements that make a difference.

There are two award programs, the Maitland City Council Volunteer Service Award which is awarded to a person who volunteers for Council facilities,programs and Events, and the City of Maitland Medal and  City of Maitland Service Award.

The City of Maitland Medal is awarded to an organisation or group for outstanding services to Maitland and the City of Maitland Service Award is presented to an individual who provides outstanding service to a specific group within Maitland.

For enquiries, please contact the Office of the General Manager on or 02 4934 9700.

2018 Award Recipients:

City of Maitland Medal - 234 Army Cadet Unit

The 234 Army Cadet Unit is run predominately by volunteers and a handful of paid staff members. The volunteers give their time, experience and good will and they impart all that to the cadets that come through. The unit is full of happy, occupied, motivated and most importantly proud men and women and the volunteers ensure the cadets get a great advantage in life. The volunteers work to help the cadets gain a real sense of self-worth and they provide a safe place for Maitland’s youth to grow.

City of Maitland Service Award

June Gardner

June has been heavily involved in the Maitland CWA for over three decades. She helps out patients at Maitland Hospital and is considered a real ‘quiet achiever’ who is always happy to give up her time and help out. 

Ian Bell Innes

Ian has lived in Maitland for 15 years and he is the pipe major for the Maitland Pipes and Drums Band. He is a master on the bagpipes and has a passion for community, mentoring and his heritage.

Hope Langman

Hope is a passionate member of the Maitland City Choir and has been since 1987. She has volunteered at her local Church helping out local kids, at schools and has been an active member of the community for over 30 years.

Dawn Vallance

Dawn has been in Maitland for nearly 40 years and she’s been heavily involved in the CWA (for which she’s a life member), Maitland RSL, local radio and many more community groups

Christine Walmsley

Chris has been committed to Maitland’s youth for many years and works as a mentor at Maitland Grossman High. She’s also volunteered countless hours of her time to Rotary and Maitland Regional Art Gallery.