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Maitland +10 Plan

Maitland +10 is our ten year Community Strategic Plan, which captures our community’s vision and priorities for the future.

For each new term of Council, the Community Strategic Plan is reviewed to ensure alignment with the current community goals. In June 2022, Council adopted the latest Maitland +10 Plan. The plan is developed as a reference for Council, state government agencies, community groups, non-government organisations, businesses and individuals, who all play a part in building our ideal future.

The Plan creates a range of themes that drive the actions of our Resourcing Strategy, Delivery Program and annual Operational Plan. At the end of the term, the sitting Council reviews the Maitland 10+ outcomes and reports on its achievements in an ‘End of Term Report’.

View the current Maitland +10 Plan

Delivery Program

Following an election, each new Council develops a Delivery Program to outline the organisation’s objectives for the term. The Delivery Program seeks to achieve the community’s vision and priorities for the future set out in the Maitland +10 Plan.

The annual Operational Plan, Capital Works Program, and the Fees and Charges support the Delivery Program. The On the Move report is published twice yearly, detailing the current Delivery Program's progress.

View the current Delivery Program for 2022-26

Operational Plan

The annual Operational Plan details actions that Council will take over the next financial year to help progress the Delivery Program.

The Plan helps to achieve the objectives of the Delivery Program. It includes a budget statement, works program, information on rates, and a list of fees and charges.

At the end of each financial year, Council's Annual Report is provided to Councillors, the NSW Government and the community, detailing our progress in achieving the Operational Plan.

View the current Operational Plan for 2022-26

On the Move

On the Move outlines the progress and steps taken towards achieving the objectives of the Delivery Program.

The report is published twice yearly, typically in May and November.

View the most recent On the Move

Maitland Local Strategic Planning Statement 2040+

The Maitland Local Strategic Planning Statement 2040+ sets out a 20-year vision for land use.

The Statement identifies the challenges the local area will face in coming years and outlines how growth and change will be managed into the future, working with the community and other stakeholders.

It explains how state and regional plans, such as the Hunter Regional Plan 2036, the Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan 2036, and Council's strategic plans will be implemented in the Maitland Local Government Area.

View the Local Strategic Plan 2040+

Destination Management Plan

The Destination Management Plan is a collaborative plan for building and managing Maitland’s visitor economy.

The Destination Management Plan proposes a range of opportunities covering marketing and promotion, product development and infrastructure to enhance the City’s visitor economy.

We developed the plan with the help of 1,100+ ideas and suggestions from the community, tourism operators, local businesses and visitors.

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