Doing private works on Council roads

If you're planning on carrying out works or activities on Council roads and footpaths, including constructing a driveway, you must seek Council approval before starting. 

Please refer to Council's General Conditions of Road Occupancy (Works).

Carrying out works on a road or footpath

The below process and documentation is required for roadworks and construction zones, as well as building related works including hoarding and scaffolding.

  1. Fill in and submit Road Occupancy application.
  2. A Traffic Control Plan (TCP) prepared by an RMS accredited certifier in accordance with RMS document ‘Traffic Control at Work Sites’ is required unless otherwise specified by Council. Traffic Control at Work Sites Manual Version 4 (2010).
  3. Address these documents 'Road Safety and Traffic Management Team' and submit to Council's Citizens Service Centre or at
Place a skip bin on a road or footpath

If you are cleaning up or doing renovations and need place a skip bin on a Council road or footpath, then you will need to complete a Road Occupancy application form and submit to Council for approval. If possible, please locate the skip bin within your own property boundary.

Constructing private works on footpaths (Driveways)

All current and intending homeowners, builders and designers should be aware of, and take into account, information regarding footpaths. All footway crossings and driveways are to be constructed in strict accordance with Council's specifications and conditions.

Road, footpath openings and driveways

Before the surface of any road or footpath is disturbed, the licensed plumber/contractor or other person in charge of the work must immediately contact Council’s Infrastructure & Works department either in person or by phone or email to make an application to construct private works on a footpath and provide the necessary details. A copy of these conditions will then be issued prior to the commencement of work.

Application for holding an event

Applications for holding a special event must be submitted:

  • 16 weeks prior to event date for temporary road closure application
  • 6 weeks prior to event for special event no road closure.

Applications must be accompanied by a Traffic Control Plan, application for temporary road closure (if applicable) and Certificate of Currency Public Liability Insurance (no less than $20million) with Maitland City Council noted as indemnified party on the documentation. Further information can be found in the Special Events Policy and application form.

Temporarily closing a public road for work sites and special events

If you are seeking to temporarily close a public road to setup a work site or hold an event you must complete the below application forms and submit to Council. 

Applications must be accompanied by a Traffic Control Plan and a Certificate of Currency Public Liability Insurance that is no less than $20 million with Maitland City Council noted as an indemnified party on the documentation.

Contact Council's Citizen Services Centre