Place Activation

We’re painting a new picture of Maitland and the canvas is the streets, laneways, parks and gateways that exist between the historic structures of our city.

Place activation creates a sense of place, encourages social connections, improves safety and brings life to the streets. It will be expressed in diverse ways through art, food, play, performance and renewal activities. Activation projects bring energy to the streets, create new community connections and build the story of a place.

Initiatives will be guided by the Maitland Place Activation Strategy.

Current initiatives
Street Eats

Street Eats is all about opening the city's doors to unique, and very tasty, street food vendors. So far there has been a number of get togethers where there are a mix of trucks and flavours to sample in some of the best places around town. It's a great reason to get the family out of the house or to catch up with friends with a picnic and a bite to eat. Street Eats Get Together events are shared through the MyMaitland website. 

Street Art

Wandering around Central Maitland you will find street art in many forms. The works can be found on walls, poles and fences all over the city. Some only appear for a short amount of time, so be sure to keep your eye out for art popping up in unusual places. Check out the MyMaitland website for more details.

Pavement Pioneers

Pavement Pioneers is a heritage interpretation project connecting people with Maitland’s history by encouraging pedestrians to ‘look up’ at some of Maitland’s key architectural assets.

Follow the trail and look at 10 of Maitland’s most important architectural assets from a new perspective. Interact with the map and click on the individual sites to view information on each building.