Walka for visitors

From engineering marvel to lifestyle venue and wildlife habitat, Walka is an iconic local destination that offers something for the community, teachers, students and visitors to our city.

The Walka reserve is open seven days a week and offers on site parking, toilets, shelters, drinking water, picnic facilities, a mini train on Sundays from 11:00am (appointments by request), marked walking and cycling trails and a playground.


The reserve is located 2km north of Maitland via Oakhampton Road and Scobies Lane.

What was Walka Water Works?

The Walka Water Supply Scheme was a major political and engineering achievement in the late 1800's. It was the first in Australia to have a water treatment system, that is, from the original river water source to the Walka lake reservoir to filtered kitchen tap water. At the time, no other in the country came close to the sophistication of the scheme.

The combination of the pumphouse polychrome brick buildings, filter beds, tanks, pipework and the lake reservoir enable the processes to be understood along with creating a site of cultural interest and outstanding beauty.

Enjoy the bushland setting

One of the most unique water treatment systems in Australia, Walka's environment has evolved into a refuge for over 140 species of birds, and an endangered vegetation community.

Twelve kilometres of mainly gravel trails are well signposted throughout the site for walkers and cyclists to explore the flora and fauna of the region. The Walka Ecology Walk Explorers Guide identifies viewing areas for the best opportunities of observing wildlife around the lake.