Maitland Gaol education programs

Unlock Maitland Gaol's education program

Maitland Gaol is one of New South Wales premier heritage listed sites and attracts visitors from all over the world. The gaol runs self guided and guided tours throughout the year, which can be booked online by visiting from the Maitland Gaol website.

The foundation stone was laid in 1844 before opening officially in 1848. Maitland Gaol closed it’s gates as an operating facility for the last time in January 1998 giving the gaol a history that spanned 150 years. Throughout that time many buildings where modified or removed and the last of the new buildings was completed in 1993. The site as it remains today is how it was left when the doors where finally shut on this architectural beauty.

School Holiday program

Maitland Gaol's school holiday program is a great way to spend the holidays, especially when the kids are itching to do something interesting and fun. It's also a great excuse to lock up your kids for a day.

The program runs through each of the school holiday periods and is perfect for family outings as there are great things for children to do and get involved in.

The full program of planned activities for each of the school holidays is listed on the gaol's website closer to the holiday period.