Development contributions

Development contributions assist with the delivery costs of public facilities.

Section 94 and 94A development contributions are a payment made by developers to Council to allow for the supply of or improvement of local facilities and services required for new residents and businesses under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Collection of development contributions ensure that developers and businesses are contributing towards the infrastructure needed to support new communities. Contributions may help with the cost of providing things like new roads, community centres, libraries and recreation facilities arising from demand created by new development.

The contributions are levied through the development assessment process. Council can apply conditions on a range of development approvals requiring the payment of contributions including subdivision, medium density housing, commercial and industrial development and recreation and tourist facilities.

Information about section 94 contributions is contained within each plan which also identifies the type of development for which a contribution may be required, the formulas for calculating contributions and the program of works on which the funds will be spent.