Development Control Plan (DCP)

The purpose of the Development Control Plan is to provide guidelines for development within the Maitland under the legal instrument contained in the Local Environment Plan.

The Development Control Plan 2011 (DCP) applies to all land within Maitland local government area to which the Local Environment Plan 2011 (LEP) applies. The LEP provides the legal framework including the land use zones and whether certain types of development are permitted in that zone.

This DCP does not apply to any development considered to be either 'exempt' or 'complying' development under an environmental planning instrument. These categories of development are currently regulated by various State Environmental Planning Policies.

The aims of the DCP are:

  • To provide a detailed planning document that outlines requirements for development which meets community expectations and addresses the key environmental planning issues of the Local Government Area.
  • To identify certain development as advertised development and to detail public notification requirements in accordance with Section 74C of the EPA Act.

The DCP is a large document and as such we have dissected it into several parts for easier downloading: