Local Environment Plan (LEP)

The Maitland Local Environment Plan (LEP) 2011 applies to all land within the Maitland local government area and is supported by a series of maps guiding land use outcomes across the city.

The LEP is a legal instrument approved by the State Government. It is Council's primary land use planning tool.

The LEP contains provisions that establish the permissibility of land uses (eg detached dwelling) through a range of land use zones (eg R1 General Residential). The LEP is also supported by maps and specific clauses that affect how development is located, designed and carried out. A principal aim of the LEP is to encourage orderly, feasible and equitable development whilst safeguarding the community's interests, environmentally sensitive areas and residential amenity.

The current LEP was approved by the NSW Government on Friday 16 December 2011 and the plan is effective as of this date.

You can view the Maitland Local Environment Plan 2011, online from the NSW Legislation website.