Discussion paper: Strengthening relationships with young people

Council prioritises developing partnerships and strengthening relationships with local young people and youth service providers.

In 2017 Council produced a Discussion Paper on Strengthening Relationships with Local Young People and Youth Services.

Information from a variety of consultations conducted by Council and Youth Service Providers in the previous two years indicates that service providers value collaboration, networking, relationship building, communicating and sharing knowledge and resources. The young people consulted value connections with community, youth-led activities, and “having a voice”. Council was seen as having a key role in networking and partnerships, and in contributing to the development of processes and skills in effectively engaging with young people and allowing their voices to be heard.

Six recommendations that form a framework were developed to address the themes raised in the consultations. The resulting actions and projects will be described, as they occur, under “Community Programs”.

For information about the Discussion Paper and framework contact Council by calling (02) 4934 9700.