Aberglassyn Structure Plan

The purpose of the Aberglasslyn Structure Plan is to give detailed guidance to development within the Aberglasslyn Urban Release Area. The plan provides for:

  • A transport movement hierarchy
  • An overall landscaping strategy
  • Location for appropriate drainage and water quality measures
  • Identification of any natural and environmental hazards
  • Identification of any significant development sites within the release area that require detailed urban design controls
  • Identification for a potential school site and neighbourhood shops
  • Measures to reduce impact on future residential development from the railway, vehicular traffic, and the adjoining extractive industries along the Hunter River
  • A mixture of residential densities and forms that reflect the opportunities and constraints for the site
  • Protection of scenic values and significant vegetation on the site, particularly within, and adjacent to the Heritage Conservation Area, Aberglasslyn Road and Oakhampton wetlands.