Rutherford Youth Protocol

The Rutherford Commercial Precinct Youth Protocol (RCPYP) was developed by Council in 2012, in direct response to concerns voiced by local media, retailers and users of the Rutherford commercial precinct.

The objectives of the RCPYP are:

  • To improve and maintain positive relationships between retailers, young people and the wider community.
  • To ensure young people are dealt with consistently and in a fair manner.
  • To provide retailers with guidelines and reasonable consequences to follow when conditions of entry are not complied with.

The Protocol delivers information and procedures in regards to rights and responsibilities, appropriate consequences for behaviours, the implementation of banning notices and communicating with young people. The document also conveys the key findings of the consultation carried out with retailers and young people.

The protocol was reviewed in 2014, with findings showing that there had been discernible subtle shifts in the public’s perception of crime, safety and young people. Retailers who participated in the review reported that the majority of protocol tools had been useful.