Planning strategies

Learn about the Local Environment Plan, Development Control Plan and other planning strategies or publications

In NSW, housing and development is a highly regulated industry. Councils are required to implement State and Federal building regulations and environmental planning at a local level, and to do so, must develop local policies.

As such Council has developed a number of planning instruments (strategies, plans, policies, and publications) which provide the framework for development in Maitland. 

At the top of this framework is the following key planning instruments which should be understood when considering development in Maitland.

  • Local Environment Plan 2011 (LEP) - The LEP controls how land can be used with zoning, along with the provisions for how land can be developed. This is Council's primary land use planning tool.
  • Development Control Plan 2011 (DCP) - The DCP works in association with the LEP and provides detailed planning and design guidance for what you can do on your land. 

For all additional planning instruments please see the planning strategies, plans and publications page for a complete A-Z listing. This includes structure plans, floodplain management, land use strategies and other planning strategies or plans.